Zekoua bi Séraphin “LEMOINE”

Musician, dancer and choreographer. Teacher in African music and dance (e.g. djembé lessons)

Wanneer in Eindhoven: ook beschikbaar voor djembé les en workshops.

In vriendschap verbonden met Percussieschool “Bracumba”


Zekoua Séraphin  “Lemoine”

This is not an official site of Zekoua Séraphin. This wonderful musician, dancer and choreographer was a guest of Percussieschool “Bracumba” in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, where he recorded some great musical stuff. This page is part of the site of “Bracumba” offering the movies that were made. Below you find a YouTube player that you can use here, or even copy and paste to your own site. Feel free to do so.

YouTube is great, fast and effective. But if you have more time, you can find the movies in a far better video quality and with stereo sound, on the Podcast page of the site of Percussieschool “Bracumba”. Click here, if you want to go there.

If you would like to download these higher quality movies yourself, the best way to go about it is to visit the iTunes Store. In the store (part of a free program for Mac and PC, called “iTunes”), search for “Bracumba”.

If you have iTunes allready installed on your computer, you can also click here

In the Store, these movies are a free download and will play on your computer, Apple TV, iPad or iPhone.

A good site to visit to learn more about Zekoua is:

Zekoua bi Seraphin

You can reach Zekoua here:


The movies are a free download, but for those who want, there is also a DVD of them available. Check with Zekoua, if you want to buy one.


Click on the icon to download some audio recordings with great playing and beautiful musical idea’s which were recorded in Greece and Africa.